Crystal Edwards, VALA Art Shop Featured Artist

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Crystal Edwards, VALA Art Shop Featured Artist

Come meet Crystal Edwards this weekend at the VALA Art Shop!

“I am an artist; I find the uniqueness and the beauty that is in the world and I share it.  I was born in Germany, grew up on the US Highway, and, now, make my home in Redmond WA.

Through my experiences I have acquired a rare perspective on life and a mixture of skills; painter, illustrator, graphic artist, photographer, videographer, and crafter. I can create corporate identification, and I can create paintings to hang on gallery walls.”

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  1. Josh Wilcox  December 5, 2012

    I have THREE Crystals and they look amazing on my local art wall. I can say firsthand that her paintings have emotion and movement. So if you’re looking for an addition to your personal collection, buy ALL THE PAINTINGS!


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