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Jacqueline K Calladine

Jacqueline K Calladine is an Earth Artist and an Artist Placemaker.


She works directly in nature, gathering materials and tools from the Earth as I record of the changing colors and the spirit of the year through her seasonal art making. She creates her own inks, paints, and dyes from locally foraged botanical materials, and she works within a sustainable and slow design framework. She has a symbiotic relationship with her environment, creating in synergy with the weather, making art in - and with - rain, snow, and sun.

Anne Simernitski

Anne Simernitski began her career as an artist back in high school when art history was part of her graduation program. Devoted to working in the arts, Anne Simernitski continued studying at the Louvre Museum School, Paris, France and later moved on to the Sorbonne Nouvelle University where she earned her BA in History of Art. She additionally earned a diploma in graphics design and multimedia at the IFIP College, Paris.

The French native artworks range from poetic paintings and abstract collages to illustrations. She uses a unique technique of latex and metallic paints, collage on canvas and routinely practices encaustic and acrylic. She has been part of numerous group and solo exhibitions which produced favorable regional press and has a number of private collectors throughout the Northwest. 

She feels lucky to have a studio space with VALA, venues for artist in Kirkland, WA. She very much enjoys the artists collaboration and appreciate the help she receives from the Eastside Art organization.

Magali Lenarczak

Born in the Southeast of France, Magali lived in Barcelonnette, a small village in the French Alps. She gained her passion for arts at an early age.
She moved to Roquebrune, on the French Riviera, continuing her education.
She met her husband while visiting the United States and they chose the Pacific Northwest to raise their two sons.


Magali paints with watercolor on a synthetic paper called Yupo. The pigments stay on the surface of the paper and the colors stay vibrant.  The watercolor glides creating unique and unpredictable textures.
She collects “found” objects that may be used as imprints, as well as homemade stamps "charging" the painting with the energy of that unlikely tool.  Her work is about emotional communication. Often hidden subconscious thoughts show up in her paintings. She captures the essence and feelings through abstract and semi-abstract  expressions rather than literal depiction.

Magali is also a certified hypnotherapist, studied astrology, intuitive and spiritual disciplines.

Yolanda Melekian

Yolanda is an autodidact artist who created her how line of handmade products in France. Six years ago, she moved from Paris to Redmond, WA.  Encouraged by her friends, she started to teach craft to children and adults.  She loves creating with a European touch and her specialties in craft are sewing aprons, kitchen towels, wine bags, and sewing hair fancy for young girls.
​Her passion is in home made gifts created in unique ways and styles meant for a specific person. This idea inspires Yoli's creations, and this spirit is present in all of her classes.

"A piece of art is the mix between the love for art and the affection for the person who will enjoy the gift. - Yoli"

J Goloshubin

"A little drama, a bit of humor, and loads of creativity - all this goes into my paintings.

With the background in computer science and business, I have first discovered painting when my daughter and I went to spend some quality time in one of the mass painting classes. After this, I completely submerged into the studies of art, painting, composition, and technique.

I mainly paint in oils because of the vibrancy of colors and the versatility of the paints. I always create my own original compositions, therefore each and every one of my paintings is absolutely unique.

Once I decided to become a professional artist, I sold over a 100 paintings in the first six months. I participate in local art shows - Bayou City Art Festival Memorial, Artwalk in Fayetteville, and others."

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