Collage for Blinker Stop at VALA

VALA Art Center is an Official 2021 Redmond Lights Blinker Stop!

The VALA Art Center is an Official 2021 Redmond Lights Blinker Stop! You can stop by the art center during our open hours to pick up a commemorative 2021 Redmond Lights Blinker while supplies last.


Our normal business hours are Saturday - Sunday, 11am-2pm (Except for holiday weekends).


December 2nd - December 10th, we have special Redmond Light hours on Monday - Friday, 6pm - 8pm.



Explore the world of Madhubani Painting

Madhubani Painting also known as Mithila Painting is an ancient folk art from the state of Bihar in Northeast India. The paintings are popular for their geometric designs, vibrant colors and for their innate quality of storytelling. Besides being a colorful concoction of intricate details and patterned motifs, the art form is an ancient tradition which has transpired over centuries across race, religion, gender and generations.


Come learn more about one of the oldest art forms and try your hands on a project step-by-step with the maven artist Deepti Agrawal in our virtual workshop.


For information on how to attend: Explore the world of Madhubani Painting


7345 164TH AVE NE



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We are Here! | Artist Chat

Join this Artist Chat for your opportunity to speak with some of the featured artists from the "We are Here!" exhibition. This is your chance to ask the artists questions and to learn more about the artwork, and the artists.

"We are Here!" exhibition is about perseverance through challenges. It is fitting that this exhibition is the first show to open our new VALA Art Center location in the heart of downtown Redmond. The exhibition features artists who have been a major part of shaping VALA through their extensive volunteer work, their work as a staff member, and/or their work as a VALA Board member. Without these artists (and many other artists and community members), VALA wouldn’t be VALA. 


For information on how to attend: We Are Here! | Artist Chat