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ReDMoND Bicycle  Pr0Ject

With everyone in quarantine, it is easy to feel disconnected from the community, and uninspired. While many things have moved online into a virtual forum (which is wonderful in its own way), virtual forums are not tangible. In a time when life itself seems unreal; a piece of tangible art can connect us in a beautiful, meaningful way. You can connect with your community by taking part in the “Redmond Bicycle Project – A Random Act of Art.” This activity also helps to celebrate the City’s upcoming virtual Derby Days 2020.

Call to Connect through Creation & Exploration 

This is not your typical artist call.  The Redmond Bicycle Project, is a Derby Days 2020 community project that encourages you to connect through creation, and exploration.  You are encouraged to create a Penny Farthing (a symbol of Redmond, the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest”) and display it in an area where it is visible to people outside who are 6 feet or more away. Place it in your window, in a tree in your yard, or in your vehicle.  You are also encouraged to explore your neighborhood to hunt down as many Penny Farthing as possible.  


Whether you're an explorer, creator, or both, take photos of Penny Farthings and post them online to share with other community members. What you make, or find could be featured by VALA Eastside during Derby Days 2020! The following hashtags are great to use for every Penny Farthing post: #VALAEastside #DerbyDays2020 #RedmondBicycleProject #RandomActsOfArt.  If your post is about a Penny Farthing that you made, use: #IMadeThis, and if it's about one that you found, use: #LookWhatIFound.  


For instructions on how to make a Penny Farthing, scroll to "How to Make Your Own Penny Farthing."



City of Redmond
Redmond Historical Society
Ben Franklin's Crafts & Frames
VALA Eastside

How to take part in the Redmond Bicycle Project

There are a few ways that you can take part in the “Redmond Bicycle Project.” Be a leader, a creator, or an explorer.

Neighborhood leader

A leader is a person who encourages and guides neighbors on taking part in the “Redmond Bicycle Project.”  You can rally your neighbors to join the project by phone, email, or our virtual space. Post your challenge (call to participate) on social media. You can tag people on Facebook and Instagram to become creators.  Good hashtags to use are: #VALAEastside #DerbyDays2020 #RedmondBicycleProject #RandomActsOfArt and #LetsDoThis


A creator is a person who creates and displays a Penny Farthing as part of the “Redmond Bicycle Project.” You can take photos of your Penny Farthing – in a window, a tree, or in your vehicle  – and share on social media. Good hashtags to use are: #VALAEastside #DerbyDays2020 #RedmondBicycleProject #RandomActsOfArt and #IMadeThis


An Explorer is an aesthete who takes a photo of at least one Penny Farthing created as part of the “Redmond Bicycle Project,” and posts it on social media with the hashtags: #VALAEastside #DerbyDays2020 #RedmondBicycleProject #RandomActsOfArt and #LookWhatIFound  

How to Make Your Own Penny Farthing


Items You Will Need


The Basics

  • Metal Hoop - 5"

  • Metal Hoop - 1.5"

  • Jewelry Wire (Lightweight, malleable 12 gauge) - 2 pieces about 12"

  • Yarn or Twine - about 2" to 4"


  • Scissors 

  • Wire Cutters

Optional Extras

  • Beads w/ Holes Large enough for Yarn to pass through (for extra decorations)

  • Extra Jewelry Wire (for extra parts like pedals)

*All items can be purchased at local business, Ben Franklin's Craft & Frames in Redmond, WA

Supplies for Penny Farthing

- ​Metal Hoop - 5" - Metal Hoop - 1.5" - Jewelry Wire - 2 pieces about 12" - Yarn - Wire Cutters - Scissors

Black, Acrylic Yarn

Black, acrylic yarn at Ben Franklin's in Redmond, WA.

5" Metal Hoop

5" metal hoop at Ben Franklin's in Redmond, WA.

1.5" Metal Hoop

1.5" metal hoop at Ben Franklin's in Redmond, WA.

Jewelry Wire

12 gauge malleable jewelry wire at Ben Franklin's in Redmond, WA.

Part 1: Wrap Hoops

Part 2: Tie on Bicycle Spokes

Part 3: Shape & Fasten Wire

Part 4: Wrap Frame, Handles, and Seat

How to Make A Penny Farthing
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