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Nov 20 2021 - Jan 7th 2022

The "We are Here!" exhibition is about perseverance through challenges. It is fitting that this exhibition is the first show to open our new VALA Art Center location in the heart of downtown Redmond. The exhibition features artists who have been a major part of shaping VALA through their extensive volunteer work, their work as a staff member, and/or their work as a VALA Board member. Without these artists (and many other artists and community members), VALA wouldn’t be VALA.


The opening of the new VALA Art Center is a testament that VALA persists, and that we are still here connecting artists to artists, artists to the community, and the community to art. The artworks in the exhibition exemplify the artists’ tenacity to create, express, and make their mark throughout the best and the worst of times. Never forget that as we make history, we are also a part of it.


This show is a collaboration between the new VALA Art Center and the participating artists. It is an opportunity for VALA and the artists to take a stand, to shine light through the darkness, and to reinvigorate ourselves, each other, and our community.



Nov 20TH - Jan 7TH
At the VALA Art Center, 8020 161st Ave NE, #104, Redmond, WA 98052


Anna Macrae
Crystal Edwards
Dawn Laurant
Eva Moon
Jessica F. Kravitz
Laura Lee Bennett
Magali Lenarczak
Marlene Katz
Michael Dylan Welch
Michael Heavener
Phil Jensen
Yolanda Melekian




Part of the opening reception of the "We Are Here!" exhibition was streamed live on Facebook.  This is the recording of the event!

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