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The winter months in the Pacific Northwest are filled with long, dark nights. Due to current events, our typical holiday gatherings are not feasible. This can lead to a feeling of isolation in the darkness. Let’s change that; let’s light up Redmond! Shine your light and connect with your community. You can connect with your community by taking part in the “Light Up Redmond.” This activity also helps to celebrate the City’s traditional event, Redmond Lights.

Call to Community!

“Light Up Redmond” is a Redmond Lights 2020 community engagement project that encourages you to connect through creation, and exploration. You are encouraged to create a lantern—a symbol of hope leading the way forward towards the future and pushing aside the surrounding darkness—and display it in an area where it is visible to people who are 6 feet away or more. Place it in a window of your home, or in a tree in your yard, or inside your vehicle. Then, explore your neighborhood to find as many lanterns as possible. Don’t be afraid to let your light shine; together we can LIGHT UP Redmond!

Whether you're an explorer, creator, or both, take photos of lanterns and post them online to share with other community members. What you make, or what you find, has a chance to be featured by VALA Eastside during Redmond Lights 2020

If you post about a lantern that you’ve made, use: #IMadeThis and #LightUpRedmond. If you post about a lantern that you’ve found, use: #LookWhatIFound and #LightUpRedmond. Other great tags include: #VALAEastside, #RedmondLights2020, and #RandomActsOfArt.


For instructions on how to make your own lantern, scroll to "How to Make Your Own Lantern."



City of Redmond
VALA Eastside

How to Light Up Redmond

There are a few ways that you can take part in "Redmond Lights.” Be a leader, a creator, or an explorer.


A leader is a person who encourages and guides neighbors on taking part in "Redmond Lights.” You can rally your neighbors to join the project by phone, email, or our virtual space. Post your challenge (call to participate) on social media. You can tag people on Facebook and Instagram and encourage them to become creators. Good hashtags to use are: #VALAEastside,  #RedmondLights2020, #LightUpRedmond,  #RandomActsOfArt, and #LetsDoThis.


A creator is a person who creates and displays a lantern as part of "Redmond Lights.” You can take photos of your lantern—in a window, a tree, or in your vehicle—and share on social media. Good hashtags to use are: #VALAEastside, #RedmondLights2020, #LightUpRedmond, #RandomActsOfArt, and #IMadeThis.


An explorer is an aesthete who takes a photo of at least one lantern created as part of "Redmond Lights,” and posts it on social media with the hashtags: #VALAEastside, #RedmondLights2020, #LightUpRedmond, #RandomActsOfArt, and #LookWhatIFound.

How to Make Your Own Lantern


Items You Will Need


The Basics

  • ​Decoupage Finish

  • White, Acrylic Paint

  • Baking Soda 

  • Jar

  • Firefly Lights

  • Metallic Colored Stickers


  • Small Sponge Brush

  • Paint brush

  • Small Paper Plate

*All items can be purchased at local business, Ben Franklin's Crafts & Frames in Redmond, WA

Paint Jar & Light Jar

How to Make a Lantern
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