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Rise of the


Some pumpkins are cheeky, casting mischievous shadows in the moonlight; others are regal, wearing carved crowns of elegance, but all pumpkins have a tale to glow.  What tale does your inner pumpkin want to tell?  Heed the call and take up the charge!  Join in the Rise of the Pumpkins!  Craft your masterpiece for a chance to be featured by VALA.  Let the spotlight shine on your creation!!!

Heed the Call!

“Rise of the Pumpkins” is a Random Acts of Art community engagement project that illuminates the spirit of fall while fostering neighborhood connections.  We invite you to craft your own artistic pumpkin either through carving or painting and place them where passersby can admire its beautiful allure.  Maybe it’s in your window, by your entrance, driveway or in your yard.  Let’s spread the fun this October!
Stroll through your community and discover other uniquely decorative pumpkins, marveling at the creativity around you.

Get the whole family involved! This is a wonderful opportunity for families to bond and create together.  Whether you're designing a pumpkin with the little ones or organizing a friendly neighborhood competition, there's joy for all ages in the "Rise of the Pumpkins." Let the kiddos embrace their creativity and see what pumpkin tales they want to tell.  Maybe even make it a yearly tradition!
For those eager to heed the call to join the Rise of the Pumpkins, snap photos of your pumpkin creations or those you come across in your neighborhood.  Don’t forget to share them online to immerse our larger community in the festivity.
If you’re showcasing a pumpkin you’ve crafted, use:
#IMadeThis and #RiseOfThePumpkins.  When you spot a pumpkin in your travels and wish to share, use: #LookWhatIFound and #RiseOfThePumpkins.  Additional tags to consider: #VALAEastside, #RandomActsOfArt, and #HeedTheCall.

For guidance on crafting your pumpkin, jump to "Pumpkin Carving/Painting Decoration Guide."





VALA Eastside

How to Engage in the Rise of the Pumpkins Project

Engage as a leader, creator, or explorer in the "Rise of the Pumpkins.”


Mobilize your community to embrace the “Rise of the Pumpkins” movement.  Reach out through phone, email, or virtual channels.  Share the call to participate on social platforms.  Employ hashtags: #VALAEastside, #RiseOfThePumpkins, #RandomActsOfArt, and #HeedTheCall.


Become an artist, crafting and showcasing your pumpkin as part of the "Rise of the Pumpkins" celebration.  Share your art on social media, incorporating hashtags: #VALAEastside, #RiseOfThePumpkins, #RandomActsOfArt, and #IMadeThis.


Appreciate art by photographing pumpkins crafted for "Rise of the Pumpkins" and sharing your photos online.  Employ hashtags: #VALAEastside, #RiseOfThePumpkins, #RandomActsOfArt, and #LookWhatIFound.

Pumpkin Carving/Painting Decoration Guide

Pumpkin Slide Presentation  (8).png

While the following provides guidance on preserving, carving, and painting pumpkins, we encourage personalized creations of all kinds.  Be imaginative, enjoy yourself, but remember to prioritize safety.

List of Items & Tools

Pumpkin Slide Presentation  (13)_edited.jpg
Untitled design (3).png

​Essential Items

  • Pumpkin


Optional Carving Tools

  • Pumpkin Scooper/Scraper

  • Carving Knives

  • Paring Knife

  • Loop Tools

  • Marker or Pen

  • Toothpicks

  • Cookie Cutters & Mallet

  • LED Candles or Lights


Optional Painting Tools

  • Airbrush or Spray Paint

  • Acrylic Gesso

  • Outdoor Acrylic Paint

  • Brushes

  • Sponge Brushes

  • Sponges

  • Clear coat sealant


* Most items are available at local retailers, including Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop in Redmond, WA

Pumpkin Carving/Painting Decoration Guide

Get Inspired

There are numerous online videos on creating and using decorative pumpkins.  Grab your favorite seasonal drink, and search for your favorite inspirational images and videos.

Recommended Videos

This list of videos is only a small number of all the wonderful videos available online.  If you need inspiration, it can easily be found on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.  


Pumpkin Carving/Painting Decoration Guide
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